Our Vision

To be an organization that enhances community through the preservation and stewardship of the Eastside's history.

Our Mission

To steward Eastside History by actively collecting, preserving, and interpreting documents and artifacts and by promoting public involvement in, and appreciation of, this heritage through educational programming and community outreach.

The Eastside Heritage Center was established in 2001 through the merger of the Bellevue Historical Society, in Bellevue, and the Marymoor Museum of Eastside History, in Redmond. Due to King County budget shortfalls, the Marymoor Museum was asked to leave its home of 35 years, the Clise Mansion at Marymoor Park. The Museum closed its doors in December, 2002, and the collection of over 30,000 objects is now housed in offsite storage. We are developing programming for satellite exhibits to allow continued public access to the collection, and we are planning strategically for new exhibit facilities.

Our vision is to have a destination heritage museum and research facility, where we can display the collection and serve the public. In the meantime, we continue to provide educational services, public programs and temporary exhibits throughout Eastside communities, and we are striving to build our institution into an indispensable community asset.