Winters House Closure Announcement
In preparation for the construction of Sound Transit’s East Link light rail line, the City of Bellevue has closed the Winters House for approximately four years. Sound Transit anticipates construction of the South Bellevue segment of East Link to begin as early as January 2017. The rail line will run on the east side of Bellevue Way SE, dropping down into a covered trench as it passes in front of the Winters House.

The Winters House was built in 1929 in Spanish Eclectic style for $32,000 by Frederick and Cecilia Winters. In the late 1980s, the Bellevue Historical Society worked with the City of Bellevue to restore the structure and subsequently list it on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 1992, the City and EHC have partnered to provide programming, exhibits and public access to the historic site.

Eastside Heritage Center’s archive and research center are currently located within the Winters House, but will be relocated for the duration of the closure. In addition, all furnishings in the House will be put into secure, climate-controlled storage, until the site re-opens to the public after the construction of East Link. For research inquiries and public access to Eastside Heritage Center’s archive and artifact collection, please call (425) 450-1049 or email

EHC has worked with representatives from Sound Transit, the City of Bellevue and the State’s Historic Preservation Office, to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the structure during construction. These measures include: 
·  Frequent city inspections;
·  Monitoring devices to detect ground movements; 
·  On-site evaluation of excavation and construction by geotechnical engineers; and
·  Construction barrier and dust control measures around the house.

For questions related to the East Link project, contact Marie Jensen with the City of Bellevue at (425) 452-2064 or

For current status of the Winter's House visit the Bellevue Parks website.