What does the Eastside Heritage Center accept? Will you take anything? 

The Eastside Heritage Center accepts items that contribute to the documentation and interpretation of the history or prehistory of the Eastside of Lake Washington and its residents or put the Eastside in context with the state, region, or nation. That is, we will accept materials that were used or produced on the Eastside or describe life on the Eastside. We cannot accept objects or documents that relate only to other regions (ie, a book about the California Gold Rush, a ticket stub from the New York World's Fair) and have no bearing upon the Eastside itself.

Also, items should be in a good state of repair. The Heritage Center staff is aware that time and use will lead to some wear upon objects and documents. However, the donated materials should be intact enough to be handled and displayed.

My donation falls into a gray area. I'm not sure whether you would be interested in it or not.

Call us! One of our staff members will be able to tell you whether or not we are interested in your potential donation. If we are not, we may be able to suggest some other organizations that would be.

Who should I contact if I want to make a donation? 

If you are interested in donating an object, papers, books or photographs call and ask for Stephanie Mohr, Collections Manager, or email her at collections@eastsideheritagecenter.org.

What happens when I make a donation? 

When a donor contacts a staff member at the Heritage Center, the staff member begins by asking for a brief description of the item or materials to be donated. From this description, the staff member is able to decide where the Center is interested in taking the item. 

If the staff member believes that the item or materials would be a good addition to the EHC's collections, the next step is to arrange an appointment to view the materials more closely. Generally, this will take place at one of the EHC's facilities, but if the donor is mobility-impaired, the EHC is happy to meet with a donor at their residence. At this meeting, the staff member and the potential donor can discuss the donation process more thoroughly, and the staff member can ensure that the condition of the artifact or document is good enough that the Heritage Center can accept it. 

The next step is to sign a Deed of Gift. This legal document transfers the ownership of the item(s) from the donor to the Heritage Center. Both the Center and the donor keep a copy of the Deed of Gift. Please note: the deed of gift is as legally binding as a bill of sale. Items may not be reclaimed by the donor after the fact. 

After EHC staff catalogue, or "accession" the items or materials, the donor will receive a thank you letter from the organization. This letter will include the catalogue (accession) number and a brief description of the item or items donated.

Can you do an appraisal for me so I can get a tax write-off for the donation? 

No, performing a financial appraisal is a conflict of interest for us. The Eastside Heritage Center does provide a statement confirming the donation in the form of a thank-you letter.

I have another question about donations that wasn't addressed here.

Please contact the Eastside Heritage Center by calling (425) 450-1049 or emailing the Collections Manager at collections@eastsideheritagecenter.org.