The Colman Diaries, written by Clarissa Colman and her daughter-in-law Margarete Mitchell Colman between the years 1886 and 1910, are among the most highly prized documents in Eastside Heritage Center's collection. The Journals cover the 4 murder trials of the accused murderer George Miller of Beaux Arts and include many interesting facts of daily life on the Eastside.

The Colman family lived on May Creek in Kennydale and along Lake Washington.What follows is a small selection of transcribed entries from Clarissa Colman's diaries. All writing is as it appears in the diary. Mrs. Colman started keeping a diary shortly after her husband, James Colman, was murdered in 1886. As the years go on, the diary entires become less detailed and many turn into one line entries, but almost always include a comment on the days weather. These diaries have been photocopied, transcribed and are available for research. However, due to their size (some 1100 pages), we suggest that researchers focus their attention on a particular topic, for example: Native Americans, a specific family, a year.

Colman Diaries Selected Entries:

January 15, 1886
     I am going to write down in this book all the events I can remember in the past year. What transpired in this month I cannot fix the dates. I know some time near the middle, or may be a little past that Clara went to town (Seattle) with her father, that the wind blew very strong from the north when they were coming home, so much that they could not come by the way of Burrows as her father had intended to. (It was his intention to come that way & pay Mr. Burrows for his work on the house.) And that Mr. Knight came that same day & got his pay for hay that had been bought of him, that he stayed & got his dinner & had his horses fed. Miles left shortly after that. That was the last time her father ever went to Seattle.

February 7 Sunday 
    Will Patten & Walter Wilson came about 11 o’clock a.m. My first impression on seeing him (Will) was that Bailiff Henry had come again. He had grown so much since I had last seen him& had changed so, that I did not recognize him at first. He was much improved. Thinking to make it pleasant for him & give him a longer visit, I invited him to stay all night & go to town with James in the morning which he did. Little did we think on that morning when he bid us good bye, that it was the last time that we should see him.

Feb 8 Monday
    James & Wilber Patten left this morning about 6:30 o’clock or 20 minutes to 7. The wind was blowing pretty hard all the morning; but calmed down some, about the time they left. Clara & I stood at the window watching them go around the point of the Island. That was the last any of us have ever seen them. Both were just after passing out of sight of the house. Jimmy, Clara & George must have left home for Newcastle after they were shot. In the afternoon I looked out several times to see if James was coming home but thought he must be detained by the Grand Jury the reason he did not come. I had no thought at that time that evil had happened him. The next day I expected him home, but when I saw in the papers that a riot was going on in Seattle I thought that that was what was detaining him.

Feb 10 Wednesday
    Mr. White & another man came to see James about the road. I still thought the trouble in town was what was detaining him & told them so. That I did not understand what it was that was keeping him unless it was something of that kind. I began to feel quite anxious & looked out for him a good many times & thought surly he would come home this day without fail. I remember of making the remark to the children about this time that perhaps Miller had attacked him. I had no thought that he would “lie in waite” (sic) for him any where on the lake. But when Mr. Mathieson came over on the

Feb 11 Thursday
    to enquire after Will, saying that he had not been seen or heard from & that Mr. Kenyon had spoken to Henry the day before, then I knew that something was wrong. I got him to go to town that night & make inquiries, both at the Hotell [sic] Brunswick & at the Mill.

Feb 12 Friday
    This morning he came over again to tell us that James had neither been at the Hotel Brunswick nor at the Mill. He had already sent Henry over to Wilsons, to get his boat, to go in search of the missing. He & Jimmy went up the lake to look also for their boat & learn all they could of the missing. They called at Burrows. Mr.& Mrs. Mathieson & Fred came back with Jimmy at night. Mr. Simpson, Richard & Clara, came over at the same time. All went back that night but Richard. Later in the evening the Steamer Bee with the Shiriff [sic] & posse called on their way to arrest Miller.

Feb 13 Saturday
    This morning Cuss & Murphy came down. & they went across the lake with Ronald & Smart to search for the bodies. Just as they were starting in our big boat Simpson & Charley came over. They went back in our boat with the rest & left their boat here & later in the day Doran & Richard took their boat (Simpsons) & went over too. Nothing was found this day. All the neighbors were out searching.

March 8 Monday
    Just 28 days today since James left home never more to return and today we have laid him away in his last resting place. It rained all the afternoon somewhat & was cold & disagreeable & when we were coming home it rained very hard & the wind was quite strong. Mr. Simpson came home with us & after supper he & Richard and Jimmie went back home. Mr. Ross went to the funeral with us. We took Charly [sic] back home in the morning when we went over & his father went with us to town to the funeral.

March 13 Saturday
    Mr. Pinkerton came today to summons us to attend the preliminary examination of Miller on the 15th. Walter Wilson brought him over.

November 14 Sunday
    None of us went to church today. In the afternoon Clara went out riding with Mrs. Spoors. (???) We are here waiting for the jury to decide. The weather is splendid. It was very windy two or three days back. In the vening the jury came into the court room for further instructions.

Nov 15 Monday
    About 4 o’clock a.m. the jury came into the court room again with their final decision, not having come to an agreement. Judge Green (???) discharged them & he & several others left immediately for Seattle. Mr. & Mrs. Burrows, Clara, Jimmy, & myself left on the 10’clock boat, the North Pacific. All the Miller’s, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Knight & Metcalf, Rochester were on the boat & Mr. Soderberge (??) too. Metcalf had a talk with me, asked me to compromise with Miller. He proposed to have some one buy up his property and then send the whole family out of the country. When we got into Seattle Mrs. B. & I went to Ronalds office and waited sometime for him but as he could not be found we then went to see Humes. (???) I paid the balance of what I owed him. Mr. & Mrs. Burrows went out home that night. Clara & I stayed at Paulson’s. Saw Mrs. ???iss & her baby boy. Mr. & Mrs. Coen (???) came down Down (sic – duplicate word) staris and sit quite a while in the evening.

February Friday 11
    Mercury 32° at 8 p.m. I got up with a terrible headache this morning. Padden came this afternoon to call Jim for tomorrow. He had Guss [???] in the boat with Martin who was taking him around the lake. Mr. Ross told us to day that Powell had been to his home the day before, looking for logs or rather for timber, fit for logging.

Saturday 12
    Mercury at 20° above 6:30 o’clock a.m. Jim started for Seattle at 7 o’clock. Commenced raining about 5 o’clock p.m. Mr. & Mrs. Burrows and Maud came about 7 o’clock p.m. Goerge and I thought it was Jim come, but he did not come till near 10 o’clock. & then he told us that Miller was indicted again, and that not one of his friends were in the court room not even his lawyer; who had to be sent for. I churned 10# butter.

Feb Sunday 13
    Burrows folks stayed all night & this morning Burrows took the Ross boat over to the Wilsons for Walter to make a trial trip; which did in 45 minutes. Wetmore was to cross the Island but did not come as there was so much snow; so we supposed. Snowed ¾ inch last night & there was some snow before. Mr. & Mrs. Olds & children were down to give us a call. They left between 3 & 4 o’clock. Burrows folks left about 5 o’clock. It snowed some this morning but cleared soon and was pleasant the rest of the day. Jim went to Newcastle to see Bankson. I roasted coffee. Mercury down to freezing during the night.

March Tuesday 1
    Jim and Miles went to Seattle to day. The ground is covered with snow. After the boys left it snowed very hard for quite a while, then cleared up and was pleasant the rest of the day. I washed colored clothes. Jim got back in time to milk. Miles did not come back [back inserted above line between come/with] with him, so the case will not be called before April, but it is expected it will be called then.

March Wednesday 2
    Mercury 28º above a.m. Weather clear and pleasant all day. I churned 11# butter. Two Indian canoes went up and down the lake. April Saturday 16 Case commenced this morning and of course it was raining and at night when the court adjourned it rained very hard. Empress [???] came in about this time.

April Sunday 17     Clara and I were intending to go out to the Cemetary if it had not rained, and wet the ground so much. Miss Fosten {Foosten??? Foster??] Clara and I went to the Methodist Church this evening. Jim went out home with Mathieson’s folks.

April Monday 18     George wnet home to day & Jim came back to town getting in at 10 o’clock at night. I did not see him until next morning. Mrs. Burrows came in to day and we got rooms at the Western House during the rest of the trial.

April Wednesday 20
    Case closed today just after the afternoon session commenced. The pleading and the Judge’s charge to the jury were through and the jury went out at 10 o’clock p.m. Clara took supper with us.

June Friday 3
    Attended court again today. Since Wednesday have taken our dinners & suppers at the Western Hotel. Our side of the case closed today.

June Saturday 4
    The defense opened to day.

June Sunday 5
    Went to the Episcopal Church today. Clara and I with Miss Foster. Mrs. Patten called in the afternoon said that Laura had gone home to day. She & Laura went out to the Wilsons on Friday.

June Monday 6
    Defense closed their [something crossed out] case and the rebuttal was all in, in time for Humes and Rochester to make their speeches.

June Tuesday 7
    Metcalf and Ronald finished their speeches. The Judge made his charge & the jury went to their room about four o’clock. About 8 o’clock they came in with a verdict of guilty. None of the Millers were there.

June Monday 13
    Jimmy & I went to town this morning to hear the arguments for a new trial in the Miller case but it did not take place. Met Mr. & Mrs. Burrows at the court house. Heard that Mary was expected to arrive to night so I concluded to stay over in town until Wednesday. Jim went back home. Clara churned 22 # butter. Mary came about 9 o’clock. Mr. Paulson went down to the Boat to meet her. Mrs. Hughs was at Mr. Paulsons.

September Thursday 22
    Jim went to Newcastle. Took up Mary’s trunk. Got oilcloth for table. George shot pheasant & worked on cellar. I worked over butter 31# and picked hops down in the meadow. Clara worked in the flowerbeds.

September Friday 23
    Jim, Mary & I went to Seattle. Mary has gone to stay a while. Weather fine. Met the Squak in front of the Wilsons going over. Left home between 8 & 9 o’clock. Left Paulson’s for home about 6 & left Martin’s landing about 7:05. Got home at 10. Mrs. Lawton hung herself this afternoon, the day Miller was to have been hung.

February Wednesday 8
    Two years today since Jim was killed & his murderer is to be turned loose to do what he wills. So says the Supreme Court. Mrs. Murphy was down to day to heard news but we had none to tell her. Weather keeps cloudy but (no – inserted above line) rain for some time. Air has a chilly feel like snow.

Feb Thursday 9
    Jim went to NewCastle. Brought own coal. Miller is not out of jail yet. Many of the sees & plants came. Strawberries, fruit trees, etc. I stirred about 2# butter. Dolly came in.

Feb Tuesday 21
    Jim went to Seattle. Left home 8:15 & got back at 6:45. Mrs. Paulson’s baby Helen (Hellen with one l crossed out) died yesterday or to day & is to be buried to morrow. Miller case is to be taken dow (sic) to Pt. Townsend for further consideration. Jim got my insurance papers today. I worked in the strawberry bed. George hauled manure for Ross. Weather calm and misty in the morning but cleared up through the day. No frost now for several days. [Helen Paulson died – written in margin]

Feb Wednesday 22
    Dane & Nellie Murphy came down again to day for more strawberry plants. I was out working again to day spading ground for strawberries. George hauled manure for Ross.

April Monday 16
    Started for Pt. Madison on this morning at half past 9 o’clock & arrived at a little after 10. Got a jury & opened the case before noon.

April Tuesday 17
    Mrs. Patten came this afternoon on the Augusta. The windw blew quite hard & she was seasick.

April Wednesday 18
    Court adjourned a little after – noon until 8 o’clock tomorrow.

April Thursday 19
    Judge Jones discharged Miller this morning. Started for Seattle at 2 o’clock. Millers came on the same boat. Came out on the lake in the evening. Brough (sic) Burrows folks out too. Stayed all night (inserted above line – at) their house. Left there about 8 o’clock this morning,

April Friday 20
     [Miller discharged – written in margin over Thursday’s date] Just as we left we saw Miller’s black boat with one person in it going towards town. Some loggers in Grote’s (???) boat went over too. Got home at 10:30 a.m. Dick left right away. Worked over the butter – 31 ½ #.

December Tuesday 4
    Jim went to town this morning & as it is past 9 o’clock I do not think he will be home to night. It has been a fine, clear day. George sawed wood. Several indian (sic) canoes have passed today. ????? ????? some men stopping on Burns place. I have sewed on my dress & fixed up some of my books.

Dec Wednesday 5
    It has rained all day. Those people on Burns place seem to have left. The boat is gone. It is now late & Jim has not come home yet.

Dec Thursday 6
    Another day gone by & Jim has not come home yet. I begin to feel uneasy. It is raining again to night. I have sewed on my dress. George has sawed wood. Baked bread.

Dec Friday 7
    Here is another day gone, the 4th since Jim went away & still he has not come home. I do not understand it. George went up & got the mail.

Dec Saturday 8
    Jim got home to night. George went up & got mail again to day. The binochular (sic) for the telescope came today. ???? boats were seen going around the Island this afternoon. One was landed just above Loomises. Rained hard all day.

Dec Sunday 9
    A gray day but no rain. The wind blew quite ahrd last night & great deal of rain fell.

February Friday 15
    This is the 30th anniversary of my wedding day. Three years on the 8th since James was murdered & still that man Miller is living here on the lake, in sight of our place. I wonder how much longer I shall have to wait for justice. Oh:: Lord, how long. Last night was the coldest night this winter. Murcury (sic) stood 21° this morning. Weather clear & cold with wind in the north. Steamer Kirkland came around the south end of the Island to night. Kept close to the Island until past Olds, then crossed over to Murphy’s landing. Boys still working on stern post. I made 7 ¾# butter & cleaned up the kitchen.

Feb Saturday 16
    Murcury (sic) stood 19° this morning. “Kirkland” went down to the coal wharf below or down Black river & then went back up this side & stopped at Miller’s. Stopped there three times to day. Three men came down to Lizzie place this morning while the Steamer was still at Miller’s & before it went to Murphy’s which was about noon. Two women came here to take the Steamer – through mistake. Boys working on stern-post. I drew off the wine & bottled it again. Made yeast. Baked bread. Mr. Ross came & got a tub, the frost had spoiled his. Jim went to NewCastle with 7 rolls butter.

June Thursday 6
    [Seattle burned written in margin] Worked over butter 40 ½ # & picked a few S.berries. Jim went to NewCastle with 128 boxes S.B., cherries & buttermilk. Saw a big fire in the direction of Seattle, about 6 o’clock P.M. The “Flint” was at Dignan’s place with Dignan & party. Passed by here when they left.

June Friday 7
    The big smoke we saw was Seattle in flames. The whoe business part is burnt. Dan Murphy came down this morning for hay ^ told us. Jim, Mathewson & Goodycootz went to town. They took Mr. Rosses boat as Dan had asked for ours, theirs being all gone to town. Mrs. Leifhelm & children were down & bought a gal of strawberries. Those men who were in the meadow fishing were here when the boys strated for Seattle & they bought a half gal. strawberries.

January Thursday 16
    Weather cold & chilly but thawed considerable through the day. Peter Kechoe [ l crossed out] was down to day. The Twiss? Swiss?? house was burned down Monday night; and is thought to be done by Miller. A few weeks ago the McNaught house was burned. Miller has had a quarrel with his family & the old woman is over in town & Will he had hand cuffed & said he was crazy. George went up to Olds to see Jim.

May Monday 5
    Clara & I finally got to town. Jim took the boat at Olds & went over too. Coming home Capt. Dalton gave the boat into Jim’s charge. She that was Mollie Cline & her husband were on the boat. When we got to Olds found Mrs. Rogers & Daily waiting. Mrs. R. & Edna came down with us & stayed all night. The barge was left there for their goods. Some land jumpers came over in barge. Took a ride to East Seattle on the C.C. Calkins.

January Thursday 1 [Wednesday crossed out]
    Mr. Farwell came to day & brought his boy a Velosipede. A man ghe whom he wanted to put on Jims place came with him & after dinner he & the man & Gurden started to go up to Jim’s place in a row boat but took the Steamer. The 3 o’clock boat brought him back with his boy whom he sent ashore in Mr. Strongs care & did not land himself. Mr. Strong paid his bill $19.25.

June Monday 27
    Clara & I went down town. I went to Judge Jacobs office & got my Ranch papers. Schambachers store burned up to night When [we inserted above the line] were nearly home we heard the fire bells. It was about 6 o’clock when we came home & after eating a lunch we went to Paulson’s & there we went down to the fire. Mrs. P. went with us. By 9 o’clock the fire was under control.

August Tuesday 9
    “Big mouthed” George had a fight of some kind & policeman Thom had to look into the matter. Clara & Richard went to [the crossed out] hear the Haverly ??? Minstrel.

August Wednesday 10
    Jim was in & told us that he was going to call his new boat “Winifred”. told about Canby losing one his horses. Paid for his & Georges washing $1.10.

August Thursday 11
    Richard brought home the acct. Jacobs has had made out for me, to day. Jim was in & took supper here. Looked over the acct. George is firing at the Yesler Avenue power house to night.

May Friday 12
    Wind blew hard nearly all night. Both of those long trees that the loggers put into the lake came into our landing. They came & took them out & one has gone north of the point & the other is still out in front. We all went out to where they have built this skid road which is on our land & found they had used the piles to make it with. It has been very pleasant all day. Wind was in the south until 3 o’clock. Have worked dint he flower garden all day. Finished up planning potatoes. Butchered the third calf.

July Tuesday 24 [Old Miller died written in margin across the date]
    Cloudy all day. Sprinkled a little this afternoon just as Mrs. Bunt ??? was leaving. She gave us a call, was here again this evening with him. Clara found the missing turkey. We think “Rover” killed it. The Winnifred landed at the Waverly wharf.

April Sunday 14
    Windy but no rain until night. Wilson went to town. A thief got into the house yesterday while we were all out. I was at the barn & Clara came out with the children & only stayed a few minutes 15 perhaps. Richard was in town & Wilson down in the meadow plowing. Last night she missed her watch & some money $1.80 taken from her purse. I missed an old watch taken from the bookcase. To night we miss the Opera glasses, & Wilson says 95¢ was taken fro his pants u stairs. The theft was done between 2 & 3 o’clock. [P.M. inserted above the line] This afternoon I was at the barn when a man came through the ally between the Roothouse & barn & came up to the barn door & spoke to me. Afterwards he went across the corn patch towards the lumber road. Said he ws going to the coal bunkers. It must have been as late as 5 o’clock maybe later when I came to the house soon after Maxine Clegg was [just coming inserted above the line] here with fish.

September Sunday 6
    Very smokey all day. R & C. went over & got Hugh. Some man was here for milk came just as they got home.

September Monday 7
    First rain to day, Labor-day, since the 8 of Aug. Clara done washing.

September Tuesday 8
    Very, very foggy this morning so much so that R. went to town by way of Newcastle. It is 11 o’clock & he has not got home yet. Hills tried to get the logs away to night, but I stopped the Enigma from taking them.

September Wednesday 9
    Very foggy again this morning & more or less so all day. Some of the time we can hardly see the wharf. R. was from 7 o’clock until 12 last night getting home. Cash. Monnahan was here about half past 2 o’clock & soon after Edison came both on the same errand, politics.

September Thursday 10
    Wind came up from the south & cleared the fog away. Old Taylor was here this morning, came on the St. Enigma. Got the boom of logs by promising to pay the morning for them as soon as they were sealed tomorrow. R. & C. went up to Olds & got strawberry plants.

May Saturday 29
    Clear & not quite so warm as yesterday but with a strong wind from the south until about 5 o’clock when it became cloudy. Soon it began to lighten & thunder & before 6 it began to rain in very large drops. Then after a while great hail stones fell but not for long. The lightning was very severe & stopped the electric cars. R. went to town.

May Sunday 30
    Rained considerable last night. Today has been windy with flying clouds. A party of four were here fishing or hunting for May creek. One woman in bloomers & rubber boots came striding in inquiring for the brook. Young Taylor was here this morning & tonight for milk.

March Wednesday 30
    A pleasant day warm & sunny & no wind to speak up.

March Thursday 31
    A fine day. R. & Clara went to town & took Hugh. A Mr. Miller – an optimist called & I bought me a pair of spectacles.

November Tuesday 8
    A very good day. R. made his horse trade with Keiser???. “Nellie” the cow is missing tonight. Bernie Palmer & his friend Arthur were here about noon.

November Wednesday 9
    No rain & no “Nellie” cow either.

November Thursday 10
    Cloudy but no rain. R. drove his new horse to town. “Nellie” the cow came home herself tonight.

January Sunday 1
    More snow. Cars on the Rainier line did not run after 11 o’clock a.m. until 3 P.M. yesterday. This evening several inches of snow fell. It was snowing hard at 7 o’clock when we were going down to spend the evening at Mr. Simpsons.

January Monday 2
    More snow. Nearly a foot fell last night. Mercury down to 20º above.

January Tuesday 3
    Clear & cold all day. Mercury 20º this morning. The Simpson were all taken to the car line to night on the sled as the snow was so deep. Got a letter from Jim containing a check for $30 for Christmas gift. 10 is for Clara.

December Sunday 23
    Raining again tonight. Has looked like rain all day. Took Mrs. Monford’s paper back this morning.

December Monday 24
    Cleared up today, the sun coming out. I went down town saw Mr. Nepper & went to the library.

December Tuesday 25
    Some rain this morning but cleared off & was quite pleasant & sunny. Hugh came for me & I went over to dinner. The turkey was fine.

December Monday 31
    Hard frost. Water pipe would freeze if the water was not turned off. Done washing. Clara was I a short time Well it is 12 o’clock & some one is firing off crackers or guns & all sorts of things. Whistles blowing & a general racket. Good by to the nineteenth century. And good by to this book.

July Sun. 14
    A fine day. Hazy tonight. A picnic party stopped here today & ate their lunch on the lawn under the cherry trees. Mr. Berger stopped here tonight after dark about ½ past 8 on his way home from getting his horse from Bonds. Steamer Reef went past twice today with picknickers. (sic) Mr. Whitmore got back about 7 o’clock. A party from Armsa Miller logging camp was here & also 3 young men on bikes were here & borrowed the boat & went across the lake to the Island.

September Thurs. 5
    Rained hard last night or this morning. Cloudy all day but no rain. Put up some more plums (2 gal) & 9 glasses of jelly.


September Fri. 6
    Cloudy & just a little rain.

September Sat. 14
    Part cloudy. George went to town. President McKinly (sic) died yesterday at 2:15 o’clock a.m. (McKinley died written along side dates, too)

September Sun. 15
    A very fine day. George & I went up to see Mrs. Olds & Allie. Mr. Berger was down & got corn & crabs (???) while we were gone & came down again later to see about his home.

September Tues. 9
    Went to town on the 22 of August & came back to day. Good weather all the time with two exceptions & they were very short storms. Clara & I took many rides on street cars. I made a trip across the lake to Burrows. Called on Mrs. Monford & Mrs. Paulson.

January Mon. 5
    No rain & some sunshine. Mr. Lawrence told us that the blasting we heard last night was done to break a jamb (sic) in Cedar river. It is overflowing & drownding (sic) out the people in Renton. No electric cars can reach the town.

January Tues. 6
    Colder to day north winds. Dumbolton sent 3 more horses.

January Wednes. 7
    A very nice day. I planted peas. Mr. Lawrence was here. He is to cut 10 cords of wood, stove length. $2.00/ per cord.

March Sat. 28

     Two very severe wind storms. One before George went for hay to Rainier beach & the other just as he got [near inserted above the line] home. There was hail mixed [with inserted above the line] rain. The wind blew a perfect gale. Broke down & split the largest Bradshaw plum tree. One of my Muscatine school pupils gave me a call. She came from Turners. Her name was Josie Day & now Hill.

June Thurs. 25
    A very good day. R.R. men took down the fence & began grading the lawn. This is my birthday. John landed a man for McGuire’s camp.

June Fri. 26
    Some high winds & rain this afternoon. ???? Schafer & the ???? boy who were here last year for cherries was here again to day & got cherries. George went to town. He saw Jim. Brough (sic) me some letters from Mrs. Paulson.

July Tues 14
    Part cloudy, no rain. Strong north wind. George used his horses in fixing the road. The railroaders fired off some heavy blasts, a large piece of rock came within 20 feet of him & his team. Mrs. Lawrence & two of her boys & her nephew were here when the blasts went off. They were out picking berries & came in to get away from the blasts.

February Wednes. 17
    Rather windy & some small showers. George & I went to town to see Judge Jacobs about the case, Farwell versus Colman. His charges in case of appeal are $150.00/ of which I paid $25.00/ but if Mr. Farwell should conclude not to appeal I am to pay Jacobs only $20.00/ instead of $150.00/. Sent the order [$?? 25 inserted above the line] to the Cosmopolitan to day.

March Wednes. 16
    A very good sunny day. George trimmed the young orchard. Dumbolton [word crossed out] subpoenaed George to appear in court tomorrow as witness in his case against Mike Welch. This evening at 8:25 there was quite a heavy earthquake shock. About the same as in 1882. [Note: 5.3 centered in Puget Sound]

March Thurs. 17
    Rain early, no wind, but before 10 o’clock wind up. later very high, wind & hard rain. George got off this morning at ½ past 7 o’clock. Seattle papers claim the earthquake shock last night much heavyer (sic) than in 1882. Mailed letters to Will & Clara.

June Sun. 4
    A very good day. Mr. Crandall called for butter. Put down hall carpeting, curtains up stairs.

June Mon. 5
    A possible day. No rain. Stray cows in pasture.

June Tues. 6
    Rained last night. Cloudy but no rain through the day. Clara came just before dinner. Rocking chair stool & bedroom crockery came on “Bismark.” George butchered calf.

April Tues. 17
    A very good day. Clara & Maud & Maud’s little girl Margaret were here. Paid Mrs. Sundstrom 55 c for washing 16 pieces. Let Clara have 1 /0 lb. butter. [San Francisco Earthquake written across the margin]

April Wednes. 18
    Cloudy most of the day. Nobody here to day but the usual ones.

April Thurs. 19
    A very nice sunny day. Mrs. Turner was in this afternoon. Great earthquake in San Francisco yesterday.

August Mon. 6
    A good day. Rather warm. Mrs. Gibson worked 4 ¼ hours sweeping, dusting & washing windows. George & I went tot Turners to night. They are getting ready to leave. Bought a table for 50¢.

August Tues. 7
    A good day. Somewhat cloudy to night. Mrs. Gibson worked on [old house inserted above the line].

August Wednes. 8
    Another fine day. The Turners left to day [or to night inserted above the line] on the “Mercer” and Colman dock.

August Thurs. 1
    Another hot day. Murcury (sic) 84º. Thunderstorm to night but a very little rain so far.

August Fri. 2
    Not much rain last night & none to day but cloudy most of the time. George went to town. Brought pictures of some of Ellery’s family & a letter from Rebecca.

August Sat. 3
    Cloudy all day more or less. Clara went to town on noon boat. Gave her $10.00 for herself.

August Sun. 4
    More or less cloudy all day. Mrs. Feagle made quite a long call.

August Mon. 5
    Clear more or less.

August Tues. 6
    Cloudy all day & about 5 o’clock it began to rain. Phil Pomeroy was here to supper & the boys took him to Taylor Mill.

September Sun. 8
    A very nice day. Clara H. went back to town on the noon boat & Mrs. Pomeroy & Phil came on the same boat. They are here to night. George spent the day going to Seattle, etc. Old Pat & ????? was “arrested” for keeping open shop.

September Mon. 9
    A very nice day but very warm. Murcury (sic) being 85º at 3 o’clock P.M. Mrs. Pomeroy & Phil left on the last boat. Gerald & Phil Pomeroy took Mrs. Turner’s order to her. Logging boss was here & I spoke to him about the boom sticks.

October Thurs. 1
    Rained last night & this morning quite a bit & threatens to rain more to night. I signed a paper before Neil Turner. Butchered calf weight dressed #162.

October Fri. 2
    A good day. George went to town. Saw both Kendall & McQuade on the street. Business not so bright. Maud & Margaret came on the [last boat inserted above the line].

October Sat. 3
    Very very foggy all morning. McQuade was around but did not come to the house.

October Sun. 4
    A few drops of rain. Maud & daughter went back to town on the ½ past five boat.

October Mon. 5
    Rained last night a little but to day has been pleasant. Some men were here looking for a shingle mill site. Their horse here through the day.

February Thurs. 25
    No rain of amount. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell & Maggie were in & spent the evening. Clara & Hugh visited the A.Y.P.E. grounds.

April Sun. 18
    A very fine day. Hugh took a bike ride to snoqualimy (sic) falls but did not quite get there. Ida Lee was married last night at her home here on the brook side. Clara got a rooster of Mrs. Parent & paid $1.00. Gave Hugh a dollar.

June Tues. 1
    A gray day. Rain to night. First day of the Fair.

June Wednes. 9
    Another good day. Kendall & McQuade rode down to the place on an Automobile. Clara went to town & Rebe. came back [with her inserted above the line].

August Tues. 3
    Cloudy all day. Clara & Maggie went to A.Y.P.E.

September Sun. 5
    Another hot day. Murcury (sic) 85º. George & Inkey both went to town. The “Auto” has come & will be read tomorrow. George goes in for it.

September Mon. 6
    Another hot day. Murcury (sic) 81º George went to town & brought the Auto back with “chaufer” & he is staying here to night.

September Tues. 7
    Not so warm to day. Murcury (sic) 72º. George & the boys & ??? ??? went to town in Auto. Bonneman ??? moved Old ??? into the “Ross house.”

September Thurs. 23
    A fine day. George, Hugh & I started for Seattle at ½ pas 9 or 10 o’clock. Got into town at 12 o’clock. Done considerable riding around & out to Fair etc.

January Mon 24
     Rained all morning. George went to Renton & town. Inkey went to town.

Different hand writing:
Mother taken sick on the morning of the 25th of Jan. 1910.
Dr. Mitchell called in afternoon of same day.
Mrs. Harrison(nurse) came on the 26th.
Mother died on the 28th of Jan. at five o’clock in the morning.
Was buried in Lakeview Cemetery beside Father on Sunday, Jan. 30th.

February Tuesday 1st
Firly (sic) good day. Jim, Clara and I were home, we expected Mr. Upper??? out with the Will, but he did not come. Mrs. Harrison was down and helped clean house. Clara paid her Ten Dollars for her servicies (sic) as nurse.

February Sat. 5
    Cloudy this morning but fair the restof the day. I went to town took Mothers diary book No. 4 and her small book with the dates and amounts of mortgages rote in the same to Mr. Steavens office. I brought back direy (sic) No. 5 but left the other book with Mr. Stevens. I gave Mr. Seavens (sic)

Feb 5th
    My check for Five Dollars $5.00 to pay for the filling of Mothers Will. Mr. Inke went to town to day. I got back on the 4.40 P.M. Rambler. Hugh and Gerald went to town this after noon and intend to stay in to a Wireless Club meeting. Gerald bought him a suit of clothes.

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